Mission Statement

  The mission of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce is to promote the needs of business owners and professionals and to advance the commercial, financial and civic interests of the Indo-American community. The purpose of the ICC is also to increase the participation of the Indo-American community in the mainstream. ICC invites you to join your fellow business and professional people to help support the eco-nomic development of the community and take advantage of the many benefits available to you through your investment in the ICC. We now have a forum which will voice the commercial and professional interests of the com-munity at the local, state and national level.
  • Community Involvement : Your voice will count in the future direction of the Indo-American community.
  • Public Relations : You can help improve the Indo-American presence in mainstream business and community activities.
  • Resource and Learning Center : You will have access to information and programs by various groups (including government agencies) to start or improve your business.
  • Legislative Affairs : You can keep informed on and provide input into, legislations that effect your business.
  • Networking and Marketing : You can develop new business contacts. Membership lists will be available to members.
  • Technology Exchange : You will be able to participate in providing a focus for ex-changing information between northern California and the world.
  • Promotion of NRI Issues : You will be able to help lobby for the interests of NRIs in India.