Chamber membership is an investment in the present and future of the Indo American business development.
Basic Membership Plan
Member $100.00
Basic Membership Plan - Member: $100.00/year
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Student $25.00
Basic Membership Plan - Student: $25.00/year
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Life Member $500.00
Basic Membership Plan - Life Member: $500.00
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Corporate Membership Plan
Sponsors $250.00
Corporate Membership Plan - Sponsors: $250.00/year
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Sponsors (20+ Employees) $500.00
Corporate Membership Plan - Sponsors (20+ Employees): $500/year 20+ Employees
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Partner $5000.00
Corporate Membership Plan - Partner: $5,000.00/year
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Trustee $3500.00
Corporate Membership Plan - Trustee: $2,500.00 + Annual Contribution $1000.00
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Education Trust Fund (Optional Donation)-Allocated funds will be kept separately and will be used only for activities supporting educational scholarship and recognized as recommended by the Board
To complete your membership you must submit the online Application Form and forward a check for the initial amount to: Administrative Office, 1616 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94703.